Violence Against Women and Girls

Find our more about our work in this critical area.

We deal with some of the most serious and sensitive cases involving police misconduct. 

Recent high profile cases and the subsequent reviews into policing have led to increased public concern about the police's response to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). They have also raised questions about the cultural attitudes towards women and girls in policing more generally.   

To shine a light on this growing area of concern and to help to drive improvements in policing where necessary, we have developed a thematic programme of work to tackle VAWG.

Ending victim blaming: violence against women and girls

Listen to our Acting Director of Operations, Amanda Rowe, speak about our work to end violence against women and girls, including ending victim blaming and raising awareness of why language, attitudes, and behaviours matter.
‘Ending victim blaming’ video

Guide to our VAWG work

Police Perpetrated Domestic Abuse

Read about our joint investigation following a super complaint by the Centre for Women’s Justice.

Analysis of VAWG referrals

Read our analysis of referrals relating to VAWG to help identify where improvements can be made in this area of work.

VAWG case review

How well do the police deal with violence against women and girl (VAWG) cases? Read our review involving eight forces to find out.