Key areas of work

Our work cuts across a number of key areas and themes. We use learning from our work to promote high standards of professionalism and accountability in policing.
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Our thematic work

We are a totally independent body, and we encounter a variety of cases covering a wide range of issues. We monitor all aspects of our work closely to help us to spot patterns or trends that may need further investigation.

Areas of concern may also emerge from conversations we have with our stakeholders. We work closely with various communities to ensure we take a balanced and well-informed approach to our work.

When an area of concern is identified, we commit additional resource and expertise to look deeper into the issue. This focused approach helps us to improve policing, and our own work – by identifying learning that drives real change.  We call this our ‘thematic’ work. 

Our current areas of focus are Violence Against Women and Girls and Race Discrimination.

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Read about our work on Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence Against Women and Girls
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Learn more about our thematic work on Race Discrimination

Race Discrimination

What is thematic work?

This short video explores what our thematic work involves and why it’s essential for common themes in our work are given a closer look to improve policing practice.
'What is thematic work?' video

Our other key areas of work:

Our latest news

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Silent Solution

Read about our campaign to raise awareness of the Silent Solution system which helps people alert police when they are in imminent danger but are unable to speak.