Our people

We are a diverse team of people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, who are dedicated to improving public trust and confidence in policing through our work.

We are passionate about improving public confidence in policing by ensuring the police are accountable for their actions and lessons are learnt.

Our work is challenging and high-profile, and so our people are from all sectors of society, and have a wide range of skills. Focusing on the facts, we are balanced, fair and entirely independent. We are not the police, in fact less than 20 per cent of our staff have previously worked for the police.

Our leadership team

Our Director General leads the executive team and chairs our Unitary Board, which includes six non-executive directors.  Read more about the role of Unitary Board in our governance section

By law, the Director General can never have worked for the police. None of our executive team or directors have previously worked for any of the police forces or organisations under our jurisdiction. Our regional directors each oversee operations within one of the six regions outlined in the map below.

To find out our directors expenses, gifts and hospitality and register of interests, visit our approach to transparency page.

IOPC people

  • Rachel Watson, Director General

    Rachel Watson

  • Kathie Cashell

  • Amanda Rowe

  • Steve Noonan

  • Olive Jones, People Director

    Olive Jones

  • David Cryer, Director of Finance and Corporate Services

    David Cryer

  • Charmaine Arbouin regional director for London

    Charmaine Arbouin

  • Emily Barry

    Emily Barry

  • Catherine Bates

  • Graham Beesley

  • Derrick Campbell

  • David Ford

  • Sarah Green

  • Melanie Palmer

    Melanie Palmer

  • Julia Mulligan

  • Christine Elliott

  • Catherine Jervis

  • Rommel Moseley

Our Values

We respect the rights of all individuals, while getting to the heart of some of the most serious and sensitive cases. Most of all, we strive to gain and retain the confidence of everyone we meet by treating them with respect, integrity and honesty.

Working for us

Want to boost confidence in the police complaints system? Join us to get involved in some of the most challenging and rewarding work you’ve encountered.

Equality and diversity

To help improve public confidence in policing we employ people from a range of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

Our Youth Panel

Curious to know more about our Youth Panel? Learn more about the work of our Youth Panel and how you can get involved.