Our performance

We regularly monitor our performance to ensure we are achieving our aims as outlined in our strategy: Building trust and confidence in policing.

We measure a range of different performance indicators such as:

  • awareness of the IOPC 
  • time taken to complete activities such as investigations, decision-making and reviews
  • police forces accepting our recommendations
  • perception of our effectiveness by key stakeholders
  • staff satisfaction, turnover and diversity

How we are performing

The performance framework documents below set out how we are performing against a range of key targets and supporting measures, against our four strategic objectives:

  1. People know about the complaints system and are confident to use it
  2. The complaints system delivers evidence based, fair outcomes which hold police to account
  3. Our evidence and influence improves policing
  4. We are an organisation that delivers high performance

We are currently publishing our performance data on a monthly basis - you can read the reports below. This is currently under review and we will continue to develop this page to improve how we share our performance.