Equality and diversity

Our aim to improve public confidence in policing means putting people of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences at the heart of all we do.

We are committed to maintaining an empowered and inclusive workplace, and improved services for all. To achieve this, we put people of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences at the heart of all we do: 

  • We have introduced a more inclusive method of recruiting. 
  • We are a silver standard Stonewall employer, we continue to commit to being a LGBTQ+ employer through the work of our Pride LGBTQ+ Staff Network, creating welcoming environments for lesbian, gay, bi and queer people. 
  • We're a signatory of the Business in the Community Race at Work Charter, composed of five calls to action for leaders and organisations across all sectors.
  • As a Disability Confident employer, we are also dedicated to removing the barriers for disabled people to thrive in the workplace.
  • Our Staff Networks are constantly working to make us the leaders of inclusive employment, from our Allyship Programme to Welsh Language Standards and our Know the Line Policy. 


People who use our services

Our service standards outline what you can expect from our organisation when coming into contact with us. When providing you with our service, you can expect us to:

  1. make reasonable adjustments in the way we deliver our services to your disability
  2. treat you with courtesy and respect
  3. follow up any comments or concerns you raise about the service we deliver
  4. think about the impact of our strategies and policies on the people affected by them and take all reasonable steps to involve them in the development and consultation process

Welsh language standards

Find out about our commitment to meet Welsh Language Standards

Requesting information

Learn about how you can request information about our work, as well as details on how we manage personal data.

Our staff

Our employees can expect to be treated fairly and without discrimination. We treat one another with dignity and respect in a fair and consistent manner, and inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated. 

In the sections below, you can read our ethnicity and gender pay gap reports and find out more about staff diversity, our staff networks and support services.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Sofia, our Equalities Delivery Manager, and Kamleish, our Equality Advisor, talk about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.
Equality, diversity and inclusion video

Contact the team

For more information about equality and diversity, please email our enquiries team.

Our strategy and performance

Learn about our strategic plan, our performance and how we measure success.

The law, reporting and monitoring

Find out all about our public sector equality duties, as well as our reporting and monitoring requirements.