Welsh language standards

The Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011 created a duty for public sector organisations operating within Wales to treat the Welsh language no less favourably than the English language. 

From this duty to treat Welsh no less favourably than English, the Welsh Language Standards were created. The Standards state specifically what IOPC must do to comply with the law in relation to treating the Welsh no less favourably than English. 

For those wishing to contact us, what this means is that you are welcome to contact us in Welsh and we will respond to you in Welsh. Also, any information that we produce that is relevant to stakeholders in Wales will be made available in Welsh.

The full list of Standards with which we must comply can be found in our Welsh Language Standards compliance notice.  

Welsh Language Standards annual monitoring report  

The Welsh Language Standards require us to produce an annual report to explain how we have complied with the following:  

  • service delivery standards  
  • policy-making standards  
  • operational standards  

You can read our most recent annual report on how we have complied with the standards.

Feedback about our compliance with the Welsh Language Standards  

If you feel that we haven’t met our legal duty to comply with any of the Welsh Language Standards that are applicable to us, please let us know by providing us with your feedback.

You can also report complaints to the Welsh Language Commissioner