We want to improve policing by identifying and sharing learning from our work.

When we complete our investigations and reviews, we look out for opportunities to identify potential for learning, to improve policing at a local and national level. We also conduct independent research and collect statistical data helping us to identify issues early and make practical recommendations to influence change.

We regularly respond to consultations about policing and related areas, and use our insights to influence positive change.

In our latest strategy building trust and confidence in policing we have committed to:

  • using our independence and evidence from our work to be a trusted and authoritative voice in calling for change to improve policing, particularly in areas affecting public confidence.
  • working with those who deliver policing to make the case for those improvements – leading, convening and persuading so that our recommendations lead to tangible change.
  • working with partners across policing, so that we can demonstrate to the public a system response to the issues which affect their confidence in policing.
We’re helping to improve policing through our work and leadership – making a difference to the issues that matter to you. Tom Whiting, Acting Director General


We hold police forces to account for their performance in complaint handling and work with them to identify issues, improvement action and effective, shareable practice.


Focus gives police force professional standards departments practical guidance on dealing with complaints, conduct matters, and death or serious injury cases. It supports police complaint handling and improves standards.

Consultation responses

We share learning from our work to help inform inquiries and consultations by other organisations.

Learning recommendations

We regular make recommendations to the police to help improve policing. You can search through our latest recommendations here. Recommendations

Find out more about how police forces are performing

Police force data

Key areas of work

Find out more about our current areas of focus - Violence Against Women and Girls and Race Discrimination. Key areas of work