Disclosure log - April 2024

Published 03 Jun 2024

We publish a list of responses we have supplied to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in Disclosure Logs. The information in the logs may be of interest to you or already provide information you would like to request. Read our disclosure log criteria to find out how we decide whether a response to a request should be included in this list.

Topics covered are:

  • referrals relating to female suicides following domestic abuse
  • HMRC referrals
  • referrals relating to deaths and injuries by a police dog
  • parking fines incurred by IOPC staff using fleet vehicles
  • referrals of serious injuries and deaths and allegations of sex discrimination
  • IOPC Power of Own Initiative
  • investigation report in respect of Mouayed Bashir
  • report relating to Robert Napper and the murder of Rachel Nickell
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