Three Met Police officers to face hearings following reinvestigation into Kevin Clarke’s death

Published: 03 Aug 2023

Three Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers will face proceedings for gross misconduct or gross incompetence following our reinvestigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Kevin Clarke in south-east London.

Mr Clarke, 35, was restrained by Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers in Lewisham on 9 March 2018 and died in hospital the same day.

We carried out an investigation into Mr Clarke’s death which was completed 12 months later, with our findings shared with his family, the MPS and HM Coroner.

An inquest in October 2020 determined that Mr Clarke died as a result of acute behavioural disturbance, in a relapse of schizophrenia, leading to exhaustion and cardiac arrest. The restraint used by MPS officers, which caused Mr Clarke to struggle, was cited by the inquest jury as one of several contributing factors in his death.

In August 2021, we announced that we would start a reinvestigation into the actions of the officers following issues raised during the inquest.

Following the conclusion of our reinvestigation in May 2023, we determined that two police constables should face gross misconduct hearings for alleged breaches of the police standards of professional behaviour relating to duties and responsibilities for failing to provide an appropriate level of care to Mr Clarke, and for honesty and integrity.

We also determined that a police sergeant should be subject to gross incompetence proceedings for failing to adequately supervise the situation.

IOPC director Steve Noonan said: “Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Kevin Clarke and all those affected by this incident.

“We have determined that two officers have cases to answer for gross misconduct. We also determined that a third officer should attend gross incompetence proceedings.

“It is now for the MPS to organise proceedings for the three officers.”

We found a fourth officer, a police constable, should be subject to the reflective practice review process regarding their actions while Mr Clarke was being walked to an ambulance.

Our reinvestigation was completed in May 2023. On conclusion, we decided not to send a file of evidence for the Crown Prosecution Service to consider any criminal charges.

All parties have been informed of our decision.

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