IPCC investigation update – Jermaine Baker

Published: 28 Jul 2016

The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into the fatal shooting of Jermaine Baker by a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) firearms officer is ongoing.

IPCC investigators have been gathering evidence relating to the events of 11 December 2015, when Mr Baker died from a single gunshot wound during a police operation in Wood Green, north London.

The investigation has established that Mr Baker was sitting in the front passenger seat of a black Audi which was parked at the scene at the time he was shot.

What appeared to be a non-police firearm was recovered from the rear footwell of the vehicle. A ballistics report indicates this is what is commonly known as a BB gun or air weapon which was designed to resemble a ‘mini-Uzi’ sub-machine gun.

As part of the IPCC’s homicide investigation, an MPS firearms officer was arrested on 17 December. That officer has now been interviewed twice by IPCC investigators under criminal caution and remains on bail.

In total, the IPCC has so far obtained more than 450 documents, gathered in excess of 250 exhibits of evidence and obtained more than 250 witness statements.

The investigative work is now focused on scrutinising the planning, risk assessments and decision-making of the MPS operation.

All the other officers who were present during the shooting of Mr Baker on 11 December have also been interviewed as witnesses by IPCC investigators.

IPCC Commissioner Cindy Butts said:

“Our investigators have been working hard gathering and analysing all the relevant statements and evidence as part of our detailed investigation.

“Once our investigation is finished and our report is complete I will make a decision on whether to submit a file to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration. Until that time I would urge people not to speculate as to the outcome.

“I know everyone involved is keen for a speedy conclusion but I must stress the importance of allowing our investigation to run its course. Our thoughts remain with everybody affected by Mr Baker’s death.”

An inquest into Mr Baker’s death was opened and adjourned on 22 December. The IPCC is continuing to keep Mr Baker’s family updated with developments in the investigation.

Update - 5 August 2016

The IPCC has served an MPS officer with a gross misconduct notice in respect of their role in the planning of the police operation. Serving an officer with a notice advises them their conduct is under investigation. Such notices are not judgemental in any way.

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