IOPC statement following the conclusion of inquest into the death of Sudesh Amman in Streatham

Published: 20 Aug 2021

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers acted appropriately and proportionately to the threat that was posed when they fatally shot Sudesh Amman following a terrorism incident in south London on 2 February 2020, our investigation concluded.

We completed an investigation which looked at the police surveillance operation on the day of the shooting, the use of lethal force and the actions of the officers involved.

We also produced a separate report which considered the MPS response to the threat posed by Mr Amman following his release from prison on 23 January 2020. This specifically examined the police analysis, decisions and actions taken as a result of intelligence available in relation to Mr Amman. Our view was that the MPS took appropriate actions based on the intelligence they had and the timing of tactical decisions demonstrated how the operation adapted quickly to changing circumstances.

Neither of our reports indicated that the MPS officers involved may have committed a criminal offence or breached police professional standards. No organisational learning was identified.

We have a duty to investigate all fatal police shootings. We began our independent investigation following a referral from the MPS on the day of the incident, in which two people were attacked with a knife. Our report into the police actions on the day of the shooting was completed in January and subsequently shared with the MPS and HM Coroner.

An inquest held at the Royal Courts of Justice in London ended today with the Coroner concluding that Mr Amman had been lawfully killed.

IOPC Regional Director for London Sal Naseem said: “This was a horrific attack, carried out in the middle of a busy Sunday afternoon while shoppers were going about their day.

“I would like to pay tribute to the police officers at the scene on Streatham High Street who acted swiftly and professionally to protect members of the public and remember everyone affected by this horrific incident.”

“The IOPC has a duty to investigate the circumstances surrounding all fatal police shootings, and in this case we found no indication any officer may have committed a criminal offence or breached professional standards. All officers were treated as witnesses throughout.

“We are now publishing our report into the shooting following the conclusion of Mr Amman’s inquest.”

During our investigation IOPC investigators analysed CCTV, mobile phone footage, ballistics evidence, witness statements, including those of the officers, and the relevant police policies and procedures for terrorism incidents.

We established that two MPS officers discharged a total of six shots. One bullet penetrated a supermarket window and another bullet penetrated a window at a pharmacy. A woman sustained minor injuries consistent with having been caused by flying glass.

Throughout the course of our investigation we worked closely with the MPS to ensure our investigation did not impact on the MPS separate investigation into the terrorist incident. MPS counter terrorism officers and its Directorate of Professional Standards assisted us to secure, access and review a range of evidence.

The separate report we produced in relation to the planning and conduct of the police operation concerning Mr Amman, after his early release from prison, is not being published due to the sensitive nature of the material it contains

  • Use of force and armed policing