IOPC statement following the conclusion of inquest into the death of Daniel Mattin in Surrey

Published: 17 Jun 2022

IOPC regional director Graham Beesley said:

“I offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Daniel Mattin.

“We began an investigation on 4 June 2021 following a mandatory death or serious injury referral from Surrey Police.

“Police were contacted by a mental health hospital reporting a patient as a high-risk missing person. Daniel had told hospital staff he was in a shopping centre, left a voicemail with another patient indicating he may take his own life, and had previously threatened to jump from a car park.

“Our investigation found the force had notified security at the shopping centre where he was believed to be. The CCTV department was also tasked to search car parks in the area. Police resource was assigned to search the area to locate him. Less than an hour later, although he had been located, he died after jumping from a nearby car park.

“We investigated the force’s decision not to classify Daniel as a missing person; whether the resources allocated, and actions taken, in trying to find him were proportionate; if the level of risk posed to Daniel was correctly assessed and identified; and, whether the actions and decisions of officers and staff involved was in line with relevant guidance, policy and legislation.

“Our investigation, which concluded in December 2021, found there was no indication any police officer may have behaved in a manner that justified the bringing of disciplinary proceedings or committed a criminal offence.

“Although Daniel was not assessed as a missing person, he was recognised to be high risk by Surrey Police and classified as a concern for welfare.

“Surrey Police immediately notified security, CCTV operatives and British Transport Police to support hospital staff searching for Daniel. Police Community Support Officers were also supporting the search approximately seven minutes after they heard radio transmissions regarding the concern for this welfare. The first police constables were deployed 19 minutes after the initial call and search had been instigated.”

  • Surrey Police
  • Death and serious injury
  • Welfare and vulnerable people