IOPC investigation into police actions prior to the deaths of two boys in Ely enters a new phase

Published: 31 Aug 2023

An investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) into the interaction between South Wales Police and two teenagers before their deaths in Ely, Cardiff, is continuing.

Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, died after the electric bike they were riding on was involved in a collision on Snowden Road, on 22 May. Our independent investigation follows a referral from South Wales Police (SWP), due to the fact a police van was seen on CCTV travelling closely behind the bike a short time before the incident.

The driver of the police van has now been informed they are being criminally investigated for dangerous driving. They had previously been served with a gross misconduct notice, along with the passenger in the police vehicle, notifying them their conduct was under investigation. It should be stressed that the serving of notices and the criminal letter do not necessarily mean that disciplinary or criminal proceedings will follow. A decision over potential disciplinary proceedings and any referral to the Crown Prosecution Service, will be made at the end of the investigation.

Our independent investigation, which began three months ago, is looking at the nature of the police interaction with the boys before the collision and how appropriate the officers’ decisions and actions were. A key consideration is whether there was any point at which the officers’ decisions and actions in the police van constituted a pursuit. South Wales Police continue to co-operate with our investigation.

In recent weeks, we have completed all our enquiries in the area and obtained a number of statements from local residents. IOPC investigators continue to examine hundreds of video clips that we have gathered as a result of our house-to-house enquiries at properties in Ely. In addition to these lines of enquiry, we have reviewed body-worn video from officers who attended the scene and we have taken statements from relevant police officers and staff. 

IOPC Director David Ford: “Our thoughts and sympathies remain with the family and friends of Kyrees and Harvey and everyone impacted by the tragic loss of two young lives in Ely. Our independent investigation is progressing well and I want to again thank the local community for the support provided to our investigation, including through the sharing of CCTV evidence. I would also like to thank all those who took the time to attend our recent Community Reference Group meeting, your input, help and assistance is appreciated”.

“We would still encourage anyone who believes they have useful information to come forward to us. We are continuing to engage with local community leaders and elected officials to provide updates on our investigation”.

“I would like to emphasise again that we remain committed to establishing the facts of what happened”.

“We will continue to provide regular updates to the families of Kyrees and Harvey, to make them aware of developments in the investigation.”

Anyone with information or footage can call the IOPC on our incident line number: 0300 3030771 or email: [email protected].

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