IOPC investigation into death of missing teenager in Surrey

Published: 10 Sep 2021

Our investigation into the police response to a missing person report in Surrey found that police actions were appropriate and in line with guidance.

Oskar Nash, aged 14, of Staines, was reported missing by his mother at around 5.30pm on 9 January 2020.

That evening officers from Surrey Police attended Oskar’s home, searched the local area of Staines and Pooley Green, contacted the nearby hospital, checked the railway line and shops and rang his friends.

Sadly, the next morning Oskar’s body was found on the railway line at Thorpe Lane Level Crossing, Egham.

An inquest ended today (10 September) and the jury returned a conclusion of death by suicide.

Following a mandatory referral by Surrey Police IOPC investigators looked at the police response to the missing person report.

There was no indication of any misconduct by the officers involved and the police response was proportionate and followed relevant missing person guidance.

IOPC Regional Director Graham Beesley said: "Our thoughts and sympathies remain with Oskar’s family and friends and all those affected by his tragic death.

"Our investigation found police correctly graded Oskar as a missing person with medium risk and carried out intelligence checks and hospital enquiries promptly.”

As part of our investigation, which concluded in April 2020, we reviewed all relevant documentation and gathered statements from the Surrey Police officers involved in searching for the teenager.

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