IOPC investigation after road collision in Newcastle

Published: 19 Jul 2022

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has begun an investigation into the circumstances of a collision in Newcastle.

We began our investigation following a mandatory referral on 11 July from Northumbria Police, who notified us that a police car had been involved in a collision with a motorbike just after 3pm on Friday 8 July.

The information we have gathered so far indicates the officer involved was responding to an emergency call at the time and travelling with his blue lights on down the A1 flyover exit slip road onto Dunston Road near the MetroCentre.

Sadly, the female passenger on the motorbike, Muriel Pinkney, 74, died in hospital on Sunday (17 July). The rider of the motorbike, 77, was seriously injured and remains in hospital.

IOPC Regional Director Thea Walton said: “Our thoughts are with Mrs Pinkney’s family and friends, and all those affected by this tragic incident. We have contacted her family to explain our role and how our inquiries will progress.

“It is important in situations like this that there is a thorough and independent investigation to understand the circumstances that led to this happening. This will include looking at whether appropriate policies and procedures were followed.”

  • Northumbria Police