IOPC investigating fare evasion arrest incident in Croydon

Published: 25 Jul 2023

We will be investigating the actions of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) following an incident where a woman was handcuffed in Croydon on 21 July.

We understand that the woman was arrested by officers on suspicion of fare evasion and was then handcuffed.

We received a complaint referral from the MPS on Monday afternoon, which alleges that the woman, who is Black, was racially profiled and was also verbally abused by an officer.

IOPC director Steve Noonan said: “We know that footage of the woman’s arrest has been widely shared on social media and has caused significant community concern, with questions raised about the actions of the police officers involved.

“We have decided that an independent investigation is required to establish the full circumstances, including the actions and decisions made by the MPS officers.”

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