External review – IOPC Director General’s resignation

Published: 09 Mar 2023


Following the resignation of the IOPC’s former Director General Michael Lockwood, the terms of reference for an independent review are now available.

The review sets out to understand the circumstances of Mr Lockwood’s resignation to ensure that relevant IOPC processes and policies are fit for purpose, corporate risks were understood and to make any recommendations for accountability, governance, culture and practice.

The review will be conducted by Sir David Calvert Smith.

Julia Mulligan, Senior Independent Director on the IOPC Unitary Board said:

“The review is an important step to establish the known facts and events which led up to Mr Lockwood’s resignation, so that we can assure ourselves that we have the right procedures and processes in place to deal with these types of circumstances.

“It is important that this is an independent review, which is why we have asked Sir David Calvert Smith to lead it. Sir David has had a long and distinguished legal career and I am pleased he’s agreed to conduct the review. He will produce a report with recommendations to the IOPC Unitary Board on any changes to policy and wider governance within the organisation.”

The review is expected to report before the summer.