Disclosure log - February 2023

Published 28 Feb 2023

We publish a list of responses we have supplied to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in Disclosure Logs. The information in the logs may be of interest to you or already provide information you would like to request. Read our disclosure log criteria to find out how we decide whether a response to a request should be included in this list.

The February disclosure log includes the following responses to requests:

  • IOPC powers to bring disciplinary cases to an independent panel
  • career background of senior IOPC staff
  • referrals re sexual misconduct perpetrated by police officers against other officers
  • IOPC correspondence with the BBC regarding Newsnight programme
  • investigation report following the death in custody of Andre Moura
  • complaints about MPS regarding strip searches of under 17s
  • complaints regarding stalking and harassment
  • complaints regarding sexual misconduct
  • matters relating to David Carrick
  • investigation report regarding MPS contact with Valerie Forde prior to her murder.
  • IOPC Autism awareness training
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